Revolutionizing Vietnam’s Construction Industry with Sustainable Solutions.

Green Business Showcase exhibitor – Cong Bang Corporation and be motivated by their pioneering journey in the construction industry, focused on environmentally friendly solutions.

Tuan Pham, an alumnus who graduated in 2017 with a master’s degree in business administration from RMIT University Vietnam started his business in the construction materials industry namely Cong Bang Corporation in 2008 to provide sustainable materials for many projects in Vietnam.

Cong Bang Corporation (CBC) was founded in 2008, at the time that people’s awareness in Vietnam about sustainability like energy saving, indoor air quality, and global warming was very limited. Besides, buildings and construction are ones of fundamental factors that contribute to a greener planet, so Tuan Pham managed to bring a new solution of Thermal Insulation Materials for building and construction projects to the Vietnam market, thereby, making Cong Bang the pioneer in applying high-quality and sustainable construction materials.

At that time, sustainable materials were totally new to people because their standards were too high from the traditional solutions for most stakeholders in this industry were using i.e., architects, engineers, contractors, property owners, and developers. The production and installation costs are also much higher than traditional materials, which prevents those stakeholders from switching to new materials. However, Cong Bang made a lot of efforts to change the customer’s mindset about the long-term benefit of higher-quality products. By investing more in eco-friendly materials, they will benefit in the long run such as protecting the environment, saving more expenditure for maintenance and replacement, and enhancing the indoor air quality which has vast effects on human health. As a result, after more than 16 years, all these efforts have made a significant change in the market up to over 90% of current projects using new and sustainable solutions instead of the old ones.

Not only providing green materials for various constructions and ensuring the sustainability standards for those projects, but CBC also ensures all their offices and warehouses always reserve a space for green trees, especially since the new head office of CBC in Ho Chi Minh City is in completed to comply with LEED Gold Standard of US Green Building Council certified. This will focus on minimizing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. It is a true ESG (Environmental – Social – Governance Business) business model that CBC has been pursuing.

Reference: News – RMIT Vietnam Alumni Network


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